Monday, October 3, 2011

Good Questions

1.) On the 4-H template, all of the numbers in the boxes to the left should come straight from the ES237 right?  (i.e. projects per area, number of clubs, etc.)

That is correct, those numbers can be pulled straight from the ES237.

2.) Deadline to submit these reports in AIMS is on October 17th?
Correct.  As soon as AIMS FY2012 opens up there will be a link to a page where you can upload the PDFs you have created.  The templates are available for your use at any time.

3.) For the "Highlights" in ANR, we can pretty much pick and chose individual highlights on a county basis?

Correct.  I would highly recommend- # of On-Farm Demos and # of MG Projects, if you have them… But other than that it is totally up to you.

4.) Do these need to be solely based on your individual involvement in your county?   

I know what Dr. Windham’s take on this was, because we got it as a question in one of the sessions.  He would rather the Impact report be about your county, but on the same token if you have a major program with impact, that just happened to impact several counties at the same time… then use it.  I would caution that there is a difference between your personal narrative and the Program Area Impact Report for your county.  There are many counties who have multiple Ag agents and still only 1 ANR impact report… so think about the total program your county and make sure that the document reflects it.

5.) For the FCS template in the blank boxes, do we summarize several different programs or highlight only one?

The Left side of the report is broken up into three different parts.  The first table should provide an overview of your TOTAL FCS program.  The second table should provide specific FCS highlights that you want to highlight.  These are up to you, but there are some recommendations on the AIMS Help site.  You can choose to aggregate or not… or you can do a little of both.  Just depends on what you have and what you want to highlight.  The third section is your choice, but Dr. Sortor would like that text in the bottom box to be included.

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