Friday, September 30, 2011

Recommendations for FCS Highlights

This content will also be included in the complete instructions, but because I know you are already working on them... :)
Dr. Anne Sortor provided the following suggestions for indicators to include in the FCS Highlights section of the Family and Consumer Sciences Impact Template:

1. Reduce Chronic Disease Risk (FNH Goals, 1,2,6 and SNAP)

2. Healthy Lifestyle Practices (FNH Goal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

3. Number of Child Care Providers Trained (FYC Goal 4)

4. Changes in money management practices ( FNH Goal 2, Obj 2 and Econ & Comm Goal 3)

5.  Other Ideas:
** I added a few outputs like these to what was pulled for the Legislative data for Dr. Windham's use.***
  • # of Nutrition Clientele
  • # of Health Clientele
  • # of Finance Mgmt Clientele
  • # of Family, Marriage, Life Clientele
  • Childcare Providers Trained
  • # of EHC Members
  • # of EHC Clubs
  • # of EHC Community Projects 
There are many other indicators that you track through these programs that might be appropriate.  Don't forget you might include youth consumer education or other youth programming like Get Real-Here's the Deal or Shifting Financial Attitudes. 
Box underneath highlights should include this statement:

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences is apart of Arkansas Division of Agriculture's Cooperative Extension Service, all part of the land-grant system that focuses on the human dimension of food and agriculture. Family and Consumer Sciences study and apply the sciences that affect the way humans relate with their environment, whether it's their home, food or finances.

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