Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Clarification on Impact Templates (Downloading and Uploading)

Many of you are wondering why these files are available as templates and not in AIMS... 

Your immediate need is to have the files in order to edit them.  The Program Area Impact Report editable PDFs were posted (as M.I.S.C -097) so that you can download the files, save them, and begin editing them for your county.  The previous version of the template was out of date and making this change now will serve several purposes.

Once AIMS is open for FY2012... within a couple of days after closing FY11... You will be able to upload the FY11 Program Area Impact Report PDFs you have saved on your local computer to AIMS.  Meaning the file that you created (and hopefully used for many other purposes) will be available to pull in various reports, even keyword searches.

Hope that this clarifies why the template is available now and the upload is available later... We want you to have time to produce one quality impact report for each program area to reflect your county's work... but also be able to take and use the piece for your program's marketing as well.  :)

Keep your questions coming! To see the original post about FY11 Impacts, click here.

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