Monday, September 26, 2011

FY11 Impact Reporting Changes

There are changes to the Impact reporting requirements for FY2011.

Dr. Windham presented his changes to the Impact reporting process for counties in this September 21, 2011 Centra session. If you missed it, view the session's recording by clicking on the link.
(Click the link and then "Run" and "Run" and the recording should appear on your screen.)

Program Area Impact Report templates (M.I.S.C. - 097) are posted under the Miscellaneous Templates at: 
Click on each and save them for your county's use.

Note: Instructions will be posted soon for the templates...and no, they are not in a foreign language.  Lorem Ipsum is used a place holder for where you can fill in your own text.  :)

To summarize and answer some of your frequently asked questions:
  • Each county will be responsible for posting one Program Area Impact Report per program area (4-H, ANR, CED, and FCS).
  • For FY2011 (this year), agents will not be required to submit 3 impact statements in AIMS.  You may still submit Impacts through the AIMS system... to fulfill a request by a specialist or so that you will have them on file for future years.
  • These documents will REPLACE the previous M.I.S.C - 097 template.  Use them accordingly for your County's Program Review.
  • SNAP-Ed reporting requirements are not affected by this change, please consult the SNAP-Ed team with any questions regarding SNAP-Ed reporting.
  • Deadline for AIMS reporting is October 5th, 2011 at 4:30p.m.  All time, contacts, baseline, and outcome data should be entered in the system by that time.
  • Deadline for posting new Program Area Impact Reporting PDFs to AIMS will be October 17th.
  • When AIMS opens for FY2012, there will be an area to post Program Area Impact Reports.  You will not be able to post them to the system until that time. 
  • You may use the templates for your own stakeholder reporting as well.  You are encouraged to use the templates to supplement your performance narratives as well. 
Please continue to send your questions to me, Nikki Davidson, at or 501-671-2351. 


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