Monday, October 3, 2011

Year-End Management Reports to Pull

Attention Staff Chairs/Supervisors:
It is recommended that you pull several reports before AIMS closes on Wednesday, October 5th at 4:30 p.m. This is especially true if your county's program review will be in the next week or so. We try to have AIMS back up as soon as we can, but you might find it useful to pull, at a minimum, the following reports:

  1. Program Investment- Detail
    1. In AIMS, scroll over Tools and click on "Management Reports"

    2. Select the correct timeframe

    3. In the bottom right quadrant, on the line for Program Investments Orgn select "Detail" (this will show all employees in the unit individually)

    4. It should pull up a new window/tab (if it doesn't, try holding the Ctrl key while clicking "Detail" to override any pop-up blockers)

    5. Print for your records
  2. Civil Rights- Detail
    1. Scroll over Results and click on "FY2009 and above"

    2. Select the timeframe

    3. Do not select a program, but select a Planning Unit

    4. Go down to III. Civil Rights Reports and click "More…"

    5. Run your choice of "Detail" or "Summary" for each audience type, based on what you need

*Note: The contacts in the Civil Rights report will not match those in the Program Investment report. This is because the Civil Rights reports only count Direct Contacts with Demographics. Program Investment includes all types of direct contacts and lists indirect contacts as well.*

Depending on the level of detail you prefer, you might also choose to run a Data Central report (down to the objective) for each employee or have each employee pull this for themselves.


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