Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to Approve an IPOW

Please log on to

1. From the AIMS home page, rollover the "User ID Access" tab and scroll to "Use Another ID"
2. Click "Use Another ID"
3. Select the employee, who's IPOW you want to approve, and click "Submit"
4. Click the "my Reporting" tab
5. Click the FY2012 link next to "IPOW Summary Approval"
6. Review the IPOW Summary (Are the days planned appropriate?  Does it include all programs?)
     a. If the IPOW is acceptable, click the "Approve It" link
     b. If revisions are required, then click "Revisions Requested"
     c. The employee will receive an email notification.
7. To approve another IPOW, follow the steps above (except select a new name)
8. To resume your ID, rollover "User ID Access" then click "Resume Your ID"

Need assistance? Click the Contact Us link at the top of AIMS or contact Nikki Davidson (501)671-2351 or

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