Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pulling AIMS Results

Log into AIMS - http://aims.uaex.edu

Scroll over “Results” and click Year, ie. “FY2009 and above”

Select Timeframe, then Planned Program and Planning Unit     

Go to I. Program Results
  1. Following the steps in the Report Options:
Step 1:  Select a Report from the drop down list
Step 2:  Select Person (for your personal report) or
Planning Unit (Your choice from above, ie. Statewide, County, or Dept.)
Step 3:  Select Report Type (“Objective” = most detailed)
Step 4:  Click “Create Report
  1. View and/or Print Report (Note: Check for pop-up blockers if nothing appears)
  2. Close window or tab and repeat steps to view different report

The results can be as focused or as broad as you make them and can be pulled in many different ways for many different reasons. 

If you still can't find exactly what it is that you are looking for, call Nikki at 501-671-2351 or email kndavidson@uaex.edu.

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