Friday, October 8, 2010

Why won't the results show when I click "Create Report"?

Often the reports will not come up because they are being blocked by a pop-up blocker.  Depending on your computers settings, AIMS results will come up as new windows or tabs.  This makes them susceptible to being blocked! 

Solution:  Make your selections for the results you are pulling, then hold down the control key (CTRL) on your keyboard while you click "Create Report".  This should manually override all pop-ups so you can determine if that is the problem.  If the report comes up, then it is simply a matter of changing a few settings on your computer.  If the screen flashes something then disappears, then it could be hidden behind your current window or in a tab.  Either way, contact the IT Call Center (501) 671-2255 or or Nikki at (501) 671-2351 or and we can help you find those results. 

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