Friday, October 29, 2010

Pulling Civil Rights Results

Scroll over “Results” and click Year, ie. “FY2009 and above”

Select the Time Frame, Leave Program as default “Select One”, and Choose Your Planning Unit

Go to III. Civil Rights Reports, click “More…”
     ·   Demographics is the default (Also view EFNEP Only or W/O EFNEP)

·   Select Detail (specifics for management purposes)
or Summary (for stakeholder communication) for each of the audience types

  • View and/or Print Report (Note: Check for pop-up blockers if nothing appears)
  • Close window or tab and repeat steps to view different report
Detail data in these reports along with Potential Audience Numbers are plugged into A.F.F.A.C.T -12 Program Compliance Calculator to determine Civil Rights Compliance.

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