Friday, October 29, 2010

If 3 of us are working on the same educational program, why can't we all count the contacts?

Now you can. :)  The decision was made by the Executive Team that each employee should be able to count all of their contacts.  They acknowledge that this will lead to some duplication in the county, district, and state numbers but it will allow the time and effort made by each employee in each program area be accounted for.

For example, if an Ag agent in X county invites the FCS agent to do a presentation about skin safety during the Pesticide Applicator Training... both employees will report the total contacts and their respective time invested in that program. 
Another example, if an Agent in Mississippi County plans a production meeting and invites 3 specialists (Rice, Soybeans, and Weeds) then all 4 employees will report the time and contacts back to their respective Goal and Objectives in AIMS. 

For planning and coordination purposes, I would still recommend having one keeper of the official numbers (ie. the sign-in sheet, any evaluations, and other paperwork) and then that person can send out the numbers for everyone involved to report.  Also if there are any applicable Baseline or Outcome Indicators to report, I would recommend deciding how those are going to be reported as well.

If you have any questions or would like clarification, give me (Nikki) a call! :)

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