Thursday, October 7, 2010

AIMS FY2011 is Open for Business!

FY2011 AIMS is Open and has a fresh new look!  But that is not all... here is a quick overview:

"my Plan" is where you will create your Plan of Work.  *Note that while the Planned Programs have not changed... Goals, Objectives, Baseline and Outcome Indicators have changed. (Significantly in some cases!)*

"my Reporting" is how you report your Extension time and effort.  Note that time can be reported right on the page.  All other reporting is one click away.

"Results" is where you will find data from yourself and the entire organization.  Your first selection is the time frame and you can now pull by calendar year or fiscal (program) year.  Pull by the month or the entire year.  Program results are now on top your other results are available as II., III., & IV.

"User ID Access" is how to grant/access/revoke another AIMS user.  This is how supervisors access their employee's IPOW for approval.

"Tools" contains links to several useful features in AIMS including the new Search AIMS, Data Central, and Management Reports.

Also new for this year is this AIMS Help site and a Suggestion box... check them out for yourself as you tour the site!

As Dr. Windham referenced in his memo... I am here to support you. 
Training sessions can be tailored to meet your needs.

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