Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Steps to Creating FY2013 Plan of Work

The final part of your program planning is creating "my Plan" in AIMS.  The following steps will walk you through it.

1. Log in to AIMS (http://aims.uaex.edu/) 
2. Click “FY2013 Plan of Work

AIMS Screenshot of FY2013 Plan of Work button

3. Select Program Name

AIMS Screenshot of Program Name- 4-H Youth Development Aqriculture & Natural Resources Community & Economic Development Family & Consumer Sciences Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP-Ed)

4. Select Goal #

Example of Select Goal Number using a screenshot from AIMS.
5. Complete Staff Days for Goal (not for each objective)

AIMS screenshot of input box to add the number of staff days planned to the goal.

6. For each appropriate objective, fill in/select the following:
    1. Projected Audience Number
    2. Projected Audience Type
    3. Months
    4. Direct Methods
    5. Topic

*Hold down the CTRL key to select multiple choices
AIMS Screenshot shows selection boxes for Audience Number, Audience Type, Months, Direct Methods, and Topic

7. Click “Submit

AIMS Screenshot of the Submit button

8. Repeat Steps 3-7, as necessary, for my Plan program(s) and goal(s)

9. When my Plan is complete, click “Send Email” which sends an email to your supervisor requesting review of your IPOW.
AIMS Screenshot of Send Email link on myPlan page
If revisions are requested by your supervisor, an email will be sent back to you. 
If your IPOW is approved, it will be available when AIMS FY2013 opens up in October.

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