Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Multistate & Integrated- How Do I Report Here??

As you keep working through this year's reporting, you may be wondering about these two lines on your My Reporting page in AIMS:

These two boxes are commonly overlooked when reporting on AIMS, but carry a lot of importance.

  • Integrated time reflects work done that supports both Extension and Research work, such as assisting with research trials. Extension receives funding to carry out these integrated activities and must report back to NIFA at the end of the program year. 
  • Multi-State time reflects work done that crosses statelines. One example would be the Four State Fair or National 4-H Congress. This time also must be reported back to NIFA at the year end. 

Things to remember when you have done any work that falls into these categories are:

  • Report your Integrated or Multi-State time in BOTH the Program Planning & Delivery Time and the respective box (Integrated or Multi-State). For example, if you spent four hours in a committee meeting for a multistate program, report those four hours in Program Planning & Delivery box, as well as in the Multi-State Extension Activity box.
  • Multi-State Activity time must also be tied to a named program (i.e. eXtension or Mid-South Entomologists), so please select the program from the pre-populated drop-down menu that will appear once you enter in your time. If your program is not listed, please select "Other" and name the program in the text box.
  • If you forget to enter in your Integrated and/or Multi-state time, do not worry. You can add it in now to catch up. Just keep in mind, the Program Planning & Delivery Time must be GREATER or EQUAL TO the amount you place in Integrated and Multi-state. So if you are catching up and you forgot the enter two hours in Integrated, make sure you have two hours to report in that same objective area. Do not duplicate your hours you have already reported. 

If you have any questions about reporting to Integrated and Multi-State, feel free to contact Diane Mashburn by email ( or phone (501-671-2351).

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