Friday, September 26, 2014

Problems with Your Impact Not Loading?

Is your Program Impact not wanting to load? It may be one of two problems:

First, is it a naming issue?
If the system is giving you a message about only wanting letters, numbers, or underscores, double check that there are no spaces in your file's name.
So if you named your impact FY2014 ANR Arkansas.pdf the system will not take it, so go ahead and either take out the spaces and make it FY2014ANRArkansas.pdf or change the spaces into underscores to make it FY2014_ANR_Arkansas.pdf. Either one of these versions will be accepted into AIMS.

Second, is the system either taking forever uploading or even giving you messages that it's timing out, the connection was reset, or you cannot view this page?
This may mean your file is large, which can be fixed by condensing your picture.
This is very simple to do:
-Locate the picture file you will be using in your template.
-Right click on the file, go down to "Open With...." and select "Microsoft Office 2010" or "Microsoft Picture Manager."
-Once in the program, click on "Edit Pictures" and a menu will come up on the right side of the screen.
-Click on "Compress Pictures" and then select compress for "documents."
-Click "Apply" and then use "Save As..." to rename your picture (this keeps you from losing your original picture file".
-Once you are finished, when you close the program, it will as if you would like to save changes, click "don't save" so you do not lose your original file.
-Go back into your impact template and insert the new compressed picture(s).
-Save the edited impact.
-Upload the finished impact into AIMS.

If neither of these tips help and you still need assistance with the impact templates, contact Diane Mashburn at 501-671-2351 or at

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