Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"New" Planned Program Areas for FY2015

In an effort to streamline our Extension Plan of Work with our Division of Agriculture Strategic Plan and our federal plan of work, we have renamed the planned program areas in AIMS. The content of our programs has not changed, but where goals and objectives are located has. You will find the content of each planned program area below:

FY2015 Planned Program Area Contents

Access to Safe & Nutritious Foods
GOAL# 1- Foods & Nutrition
GOAL # 3- Food Safety & Food Preservation

Agricultural Production & Processing
GOAL#1- Animal & Animal Products
GOAL#2- Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness
GOAL#3- Plant & Plant Products
GOAL #4- Agricultural Awareness

Community & Economic Development
GOAL# 1- Business Development
GOAL# 2- Community, Regional & Leadership Development
GOAL #3- Public Policy

Environment, Climate & Energy
GOAL# 1- Natural Resources & Environment

Opportunities for Families & Youth
GOAL# 1- 4-H Youth Development
GOAL# 2- 4-H Volunteer Development
GOAL #4- Health & Aging
GOAL #5- Family Life
GOAL #6- Family Economics


As you start working in AIMS, feel free to contact Diane Mashburn with any questions you may have. or 501-671-2351

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