Wednesday, August 27, 2014

FY2014 Impact Templates Uploaded and Ready to Use!

It's time to put your program impacts on display with our updated FY2014 Impact Report Templates! 

-Each county is required to have at least 1 impact report submitted for each program area.
-All impact reports must be uploaded into AIMS by 4:30 pm on October 5th.
-Counties do have the capability to upload more than 1 impact report within a single program area (i.e. for ANR, you can submit a hort impact as well as a livestock impact).

Impact Templates have been uploaded to the Extension MISC Templates Page and the Program & Staff Development Impact Page.

We have created two resources to assist you in working within the impact templates.
Using the FY14 Impact Template- video
Using the FY14 Impact Template- PDF

If you have questions about the impact template, contact us in the Program and Staff Development Office at 501-671-2086. If you have questions about content to put within the various sections of the impact template, please contact your program leader.

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