Thursday, July 24, 2014

Time to Review FY2015 POW and We Need Your Help!

As part of the Extension program planning process, it is necessary to perform assessments on our reporting system and its content. Extension is preparing to start FY2015 and we would like to get your feedback on content we will be including in AIMS.  

The results will assist in improving the AIMS you will see and use this coming year in your reporting and in showing program outcomes and impacts.

Below are simple instructions to facilitate your review.
NOTE: Comments will be closed on August 1st.

1. To access the review materials, log into your AIMS account. On your home page, click on “Comments for FY2015” (see below), which will take you to the “POW Comments” page.

 2. The “POW Comments” page will show the list of the CES Planned Programs for FY2015, as seen below. The program area names have changed for FY2015. (Note: The outline below shows the content of each planned program.)

3. Click on the program you would like to review.
(Note: You may review as many or as few programs as you would like. In order to review multiple programs, return to the “POW Comments” page to select another program.)

Planned Program Area Contents

Access to Safe & Nutritious Foods
GOAL# 1- Foods & Nutrition
GOAL # 3- Food Safety & Food Preservation

Agricultural Production & Processing
GOAL#1- Animal & Animal Products
GOAL#2- Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness
GOAL#3- Plant & Plant Products
GOAL #4- Agricultural Awareness

Community & Economic Development
GOAL# 1- Business Development
GOAL# 2- Community, Regional & Leadership Development
GOAL #3- Public Policy

Environment, Climate & Energy
GOAL# 1- Natural Resources & Environment

Opportunities for Families & Youth
GOAL# 1- 4-H Youth Development
GOAL# 2- 4-H Volunteer Development
GOAL #4- Health & Aging
GOAL #5- Family Life
GOAL #6- Family Economics

4. On the “Goals-Detail” page for each program, all content for the planned program is displayed within the red box.
Review each goal, objective, indicator, audience list, and direct method list.

5. Please share any comment, suggestion, or concern you have in the boxes provided below the planned program content.
-Things to look for include typos or omissions, appropriateness of the goals/objectives included, wording of content, etc. Please include anything you feel can help improve the Extension evaluation process and system.

6. After completing your review, click “submit” to save your comments. 

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