Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FY14 AIMS Overview


myReporting AIMS page
1. Name of each AIMS page is in upper left corner in bold text.

2. Key Words for Goal and Objective names for IPOW programs.

3. “Report” button accesses “myReporting Contacts” page where the user can report Hours, Direct contacts, InDirect Contacts, My Notes and/or Volunteers (see screenshot below) for each objective.

4. “View Reports” button allows users to view the last fifty previously submitted reports for each objective. Reports may be deleted if incorrect through the 5th of the next month.

myReporting Contacts

myReporting Contacts AIMS page

View data entered

View data entered AIMS page

1. Date and time stamp link opens the report to view data that was entered.

2. A report and the data entered may be deleted by the user if it is incorrect. After the 5th of the next month, reports can only be viewed, not deleted.

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