Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Impact Report Re-Upload

 Here are the updated instructions on how to upload your edited Impact Reports:
1.       Go to AIMS and go to myReporting.   
2.       Then go to Impact (it doesn't matter which one for this).  
3.       Then scroll down to the program and place your cursor in the "Browse" box.   
4.       Navigate to the file on your computer and then select "Open".   
5.       Once the file shows in the "Browse" box, select "Upload/Replace".  
6.       You should see the file name in the shaded area of the box.
7.       Check to see that the file was uploaded correctly by pulling a report of the Impacts submitted for your county.
That should walk you through it.  If you get an error message, make sure that your file name has NO spaces or special characters.  NOTE: At the current time, any person from the county may go in and replace a file.  Because of this, counties will not be able to submit more than one per program area.
Call or email if you have any difficulty.  It is very important that each county is represented. 

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