Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FY2013 POW Approval Process

From your AIMS home screen (you will not need to assume your employee's ID):
First go to myPlan-
Then go to "Preview IPOW Summary FY 2013", select FY 2013-

You should see a list of your employees who have submitted an IPOW.
Select one or more of the employees by holding the CTRL key to select multiples.  (You can do one at a time if you prefer.)
Select "Show POW"
It pulls up a screen with the list based on who you selected.
Then go back to the top and place a check in the box for ones you want to approve or for the ones you would like to request revisions on.
An email will be sent as a blind copy to yourself and the employee.
Call me if you have difficulty or questions.

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