Thursday, September 20, 2012

So, What Is Baseline Data Report?

Baseline are the "what we did" (Outcomes are the "what happened as a result of what we did")
Often in AIMS since most outputs are captured in the myReporting- Contacts… Baseline ends up collecting non-duplicated numbers and activities. Grants, project enrollment and specific data regarding what was done that is not captured elsewhere. It could also collect data used to compare an external factor so that you could compare that across the time frame of the program.
So for instance:
Screen shot of Baseline Indicators in AIMS
Those are the Baseline indicators in the system for Goal 1 Obj 1 of 4-H.  The idea is to look through them at the beginning of the year and see which ones you are going to collect throughout the year.  Then at the end of the year, you come in and report totals. 
I am hoping that makes sense.  So at this point… go through and see what you already have that you could report.  The data does aggregate, so you can put it in throughout the year. 
**I would recommend discussing common indicators with other staff in your county or department, so that you don't end up with duplicated information for your unit.  Just make a decision as to who will report what and go with it.
For FY2013 Baseline and Outcome will be together under the "Indicators" link.

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