Friday, June 17, 2011

Steps for Solving Pop-Up Issues

For those pesky pop-up blocker issues, follow the steps below...

In Internet Explorer:
Select Tools
Select Internet Options
Under General tab, Look for Tabs section
Click Settings button under Tabs
Use this screenshot as a guide on what to checkmark...

Screenshot 1 - Internet Explorer

Save and move to the Security tab
Select Trusted Sites
Click the Sites button

See screenshot 2 for details of what to checkmark and input in the Add line/confirm is in the Websites box.

Save and move to the Privacy tab
Look for Pop-up Blocker section
Select the Settings button
Add for AIMS
Add for Zimbra email

Add for SPOT

Save changes and close Internet Explorer


In Firefox:

Select Tools
Select Options
Refer to screenshot 3

Screenshot 3 - Mozilla Firefox

Thanks to Andy Plunkett and the IT Call Center for the detailed instructions!

If you are still having technical issues, contact the Call Center at or 1-866-779-3375 or ext. 2255 from the State Office.

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